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rent24 is a global provider of coworking spaces. The combination of flexible and innovative work concepts is supplemented by different restaurant and fitness offerings. The company offers its members an all-round service in a special feel-good atmosphere. Founded in 2015 by Robert Bukvić in Berlin, rent24 is today one of the most successful global full-service providers with currently more than 40 locations spread across three continents.


Robert Bukvić, born and raised in Berlin, founded his first company during his international business studies in the US, which was made possible by a scholarship as a basketball player. During this time, he was already engaged in e-commerce and the tech industry. Back in Germany, he founded several startups and in 2015, finally, the coworking provider rent24, now successful worldwide.

Mission and Vision

rent24 allows freelancers, startups and established companies to benefit from a global network in the fields of coworking. The members of our community should be able to concentrate fully on the realization of their corporate goals and their visions, made possible by an optimal all-round supply. The rent24 community provides a platform for new ideas, peer-to-peer exchanges, and mutual support at all levels. Supported by a worldwide New Work movement, we create new working and living worlds made possible by innovations, career changers and new thinkers.


From stand-alone startup entrepreneurs to established companies and corporations with large teams, rent24 allows everyone the benefits of both the Share Economy community and a worldwide network. The inventiveness of young entrepreneurs and the experience of professional entrepreneurs stimulate each other. An exchange across all sectors as well as over several generations and nationalities often leads to the founding of new projects and proves our philosophy right.

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