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IOT Solutions by rent24

Find Smart Building Solutions with rent24

Leverage our proprietary hard and software to create and operate properties efficiently. Whether you are an industrial real estate developer, a private owner of properties or an operator seeking to take its operations to the next level – we offer you industry-leading IOT services.

Centralised Access Control System

Control the access to your property through our access management system. Give access and rights to users via app, card or chip.

Smart Locks

Ease the usage and enhance the security of your property with our smart locks. Our digital smart locks can be installed on pretty much all standardised doors.

Office Space Management

Manage your space with lean management tools. Set KPIs, create an efficient space organization, see occupancy levels and boost sales performance.

Collecting Statistics

Our administration tool analyzes the behavior of the users making it easy for you to see the frequency of usage in order to optimize your operations.

Discover IoT Solutions by rent24

Being a global provider of serviced offices the development and implementation of smart technologies have been a major element of our company’s DNA right from the start. Today we deliver the convenience that our customers expect while making our spaces as sustainable and as efficient as possible with a wide range of tools.

We have real time access to the current utilization of our locations down to a single desk or meeting room. The analytical insights help us not only to implement efficient sales processes but also to guide our design teams. The data is the perfect basis to find new ways for optimizing designs and layouts of our spaces. In addition, it lets us save on operational costs for cleaning and heating.

You can scale any building to your needs, from small to large and global multisite deployments plus leverage of the IoT in increasingly connected smart buildings.

Explore IoT Features by rent24

Benefit from our IoT solutions to create future-ready smart buildings. Experience unparalleled efficiency in deployment and maintenance with connected products from our portfolio. You will easily adapt to tenant requirements and securely connect to your devices added to the network. 

Access Management

APP Access

Card & Chip Access

Organise Your Space

Operational Statistics

Save Costs & Optimze Operations

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