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Private Offices & Executive Office Suites

Office Solutions

We design workspaces where leading companies find a place to succeed in the digital era. Our high-quality office spaces give you the flexibility to expand at your own speed, optimize investment budgets and grow opportunities in all directions.

Private Office

Start working instantly at your new workspace with our ready-made private offices that can accommodate teams of all sizes. Equipped with functional desks, chairs and filing cabinets our standard offices are perfect for transitional business stages.

Office Suite

We develop the workspace that works for your company. Our team analyzes your needs, creates design to the detail and then builts the inspiring environment you need. Enjoy additional services such as dedicated meeting rooms and executive offices.

Corporate Benefits

Make your workspace smarter and more effective to motivate your employees to excellence and retain top talent. Our expert team brings your vision to life putting your people into focus and improving your company culture.

Flexible Relocation

Multifunctional office space gives you the flexibility to expand at any time.

Easy Move-In Process

It’s just a matter of picking a date and adjusting your new offices to your specific needs.

Smart Workspaces

High-quality work environments in your company's brand identity to increase employee retention.


Instead of having all kinds of expenses pay a monthly fee that includes all amenities.

Customized Solutions

Whether big demands or small details, we provide you with solutions that meet your profile.

Innovative Thinking

Building a community and promoting a creative mindset will boost your innovation efforts.

Access to Talents

Interact naturally with others to find startups with industry-changing ideas and new talent.

Empowerment of People

Inspiring workspaces that foster collaboration and creativity motivate coworkers to excellence.

Office Locations

With rent24 your business does not only remain on the road to success, it will be future-proof from day one. Whether you need a tailored satellite office or a new corporate headquarters, we transform your company by creating synergies between people and space.

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