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rent24 meeting rooms are perfect for workshops, corporate conferences, annual meetings, funding pitches, monthly meetups, and so much more. Each of these modular spaces is equipped for meaningful, easy-to-see presentations. Our staff ensures you have everything at hand.

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Meeting Room Benefits

From state of the art audiovisual equipment to catering and beverage services, we have got you covered. The staff at our locations ensures you and your team members are fueled up with energy throughout your meeting session.

Easy Reservation

A seamless experience for easy search, booking, and payment of our meeting rooms online.

Ensured Privacy

Camera surveillance and smart-lock-systems ensure limited access to confidential meetings.

Professional Room Setup

Expect super-fast wifi, modern technology and flexible seating fostering social interaction.

Fully Furnished for Comfort

Our design promotes a relaxed atmosphere in all our facilities, perfect for creative thinking.

Audio & Video Conferencing

We provide you with the perfect environment for virtual collaboration with your meeting attendees.


Pay by the hour or flexible. Everything is transparent - no hidden fees.

Expert Climate

Meetings catering to the startup scene will benefit from close proximity to our innovative community.

Location Convenience

All locations are within a 5-minute walk to public transport, cafes, restaurants, bars & shopping.

Catering Services

Whatever you wish for, we assemble a healthy lunch, a selection of delicious pastries, elegantly designed cupcakes with brand logo, an extensive buffet or dinner by our gourmet catering. Or maybe just a simple breakfast to kick start the day? Let us guide you through the whole process of setting up a selection that caters to the tastes of all participants.

What are the benefits of meeting rooms?

A million things may have changed about the way we do business during the last century, but one thing remains constant: In an office environment, the majority of decisions are made inside the four walls of a meeting room. As the new generation of innovation drivers works remotely in workspaces with open floor plans, convenient meeting rooms have become even more important.

In general meeting rooms ensure that people are able to connect with each other in a dedicated space that allows them to work together toward common goals. Statistically speaking, meeting rooms are in use 36% of the working time. Consequently, in an average eight-hour working day, more than three hours are used for a variety of gatherings which have a growing number of purposes and tones.

This in mind, a global meeting room rental like rent24 is very beneficial for your business as we offer you the flexibility you need for your business environment. Whether planning projects, meeting with clients, conducting interviews, doing creative brainstormings, a workshop or resolving issues, choosing an expert provider like rent24 allows your organization to keep up with an increasing demand for multi-functional space and technical devices.

All process- and compliance requirements are covered with a central booking-engine for registered businesses. It is a streamlined central booking system which is accessible from any location, over any connection, and on any device. This setup enables you to leverage our system according to your company’s needs. 

At the same time, your business is able to accurately plan what hospitality costs are required in the future since rent24 offers transparent pricing without hidden fees.

Where does rent24 offer meeting rooms?

If your organization has resources in multiple locations, rent24 is your ideal conference room rental that scales to multiple prestigious locations and handles bookings across different time zones. You can book meeting rooms with a unique ambiance not only in Europe but also in the United States and Asia with us.

Specifically for those businesses entertaining important customers regularly, or scheduling events that require considerable planning, catering, and staff our comprehensive meeting space services yield fundamental business advantages. Choose from more than 60 meeting spaces around the world and you will have a suitable conference room available for your guests at any given time. 

Our exceptional meeting venues in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and New York will help your company stand out as the professional environment at our coworking spaces impresses potential customers and clients. The proximity of each of our meeting rooms to a vibrant neighborhood makes it even more easy to develop a better reputation by treating your customers and representatives to a nice restaurant after the meeting.

These conference rooms can also be future key locations where your employees are empowered to innovate, collaborate and inspire on a regular basis. In the event of traveling or telecommuting, we provide you with global access to our well-equipped meeting rooms in order to make you highly flexible and set an expert vibe for your virtual collaborations.

You are able to focus on your meetings while we take care of the logistics. Resources such as catering, video conferencing, and digital signage can be booked at short notice to ensure a successful meeting.

What do most of the rent24 meeting rooms include?

Our well-equipped boardrooms are the best place for renowned companies to bring people together, brainstorm ideas, create innovations, work on a business problem and find solutions. Remove your people from their individual office space or the open-floor workspace and put them in our conference room to physically unite them and work towards shared goals with a palpable energy.

Whether you need a think tank, war room, innovation incubator or a place for planning for the future, we offer you space for all kinds of occasions and team sizes at each of our coworking locations around the globe. Designed to keep confidential information behind closed doors, our meeting rooms are specifically ideal spaces to take care of sensitive business, such as breakthrough ideas, new product launches, rebranding efforts, and other classified information.

Concentrate on the business matters at hand and keep confidential information inside. Gather with your team around a spacious table to teach and foster discussion, idea exchanges, critical thinking and understanding between coworkers. The outlook of our meeting rooms creates the perfect relaxing environment for valuable conversations as we offer you conference rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and luxe furnishings.

The energy of your coworkers will flow and encourage people to connect as well as explore different perspectives as we stock each conference room with helpful tools such as all-in-one video conferencing solution units, HD TVs, whiteboards for impromptu writing, a rainbow of whiteboard markers, mobile furniture and any other item that fosters creativity.

Every meeting room offers instant access to the tools they need to ensure easy collaboration and deliver a great presentation, whether they choose to show videos, share slides, or have an expert join the session via video-conferencing. Each employee will find a new favorite spot among our meeting rooms as our well-equipped spaces make meetings and training a breeze.

The great technology enables the teams in your company to collaborate online without any circumstances. The soothing atmosphere and inspiring surroundings create an ambiance of welcome that allows all attendees to relax and place their confidence in your organization. A new meeting culture may evolve and change the way your business interacts with colleagues, stakeholders, and customers

Which companies have used rent24 meeting rooms worldwide?

Let us create the most versatile rooms for your organization to make your conference room the number one space to take care of important matters and decisions.

A wide range of enterprises from different industries has already put trust in the services and the disruptive power of our skillfully designed boardrooms. We are proud to meet the high expectations of large scale businesses as well as the needs of young enterprises with specific challenges in the early stage of their existence.

Putting your guests first they will have access to our communal spaces and WiFi. As part of our services, our local teams also assist you in coordinating your logistics, supplying projectors, presentation and workshop materials or taking care of clean up afterward. Enjoy a smooth meeting session, all you have to do is show up.

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