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Check out our carefully curated event calendar packed with more than 500 unique events each year and pick your favourites. Bring your professional acquaintances and friends – we’re an open minded network that values sharing and collaboration.

What are the benefits of events?

As an entrepreneur, the benefits of networking are critical to personal growth and business development. Especially early-stage businesses receive an advantage through professional networking, building relationships and taking action. Find everything going on in the world of entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and professional development in our event calendar. With more than 500 unique signature events annually we are offering you one of the largest existing selections of regular occasions for innovation drivers to connect, advance their career and be a valuable resource. Experience the diversity of topics presented at rent24 venues offering you the latest findings of pioneers in digital advancements. Increase your professional network with reputable connections such as executives and talent recruiters and benefit from a supportive environment in our premises. There are endless opportunities for finding knowledge, expertise, mentors, partners and let your voice be heard as a speaker in our community of like-minded front runners. You can build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering useful information. Being known for an innovative attitude and the creation of professional ecosystems we have successfully played host to regional and international exhibitions, conferences, top-level business meeting, and congresses over the years, we are offering you one of today’s most sought after event destinations. Through our expertise, we ensure that our events platform is a gateway to profound knowledge and supportive networks. As a venue manager, rent24 has successfully placed breathtaking event spaces on the global map and established the event calendar as a major platform. We are committed towards service excellence, providing our members and friends with relevant knowledge when attending an event. Our highly motivated event planners are carefully selecting keynote speakers from relevant industries to deliver valuable first-hand insights into the new generation of professionals.

Where does rent24 offer events?

rent24 has been at the forefront of world-renowned meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions in metropolises for the past couple of years. We realize events on three different continents. Our events take place in bustling key cities like Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and New York in order to unite talents, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, corporates and VC’s in our beautifully designed event spaces. Strategically located in close proximity to public transport and amenities like cafés, restaurants, and shops it is easy to reach your next event and enjoy the qualities of our neighborhoods. Our world-class infrastructure and environment, coupled with the availability to deliver multilingual events, and a vibrant entertainment and dining scene, our events are a perfect choice for your next event destination of choice. Bring your friends and coworkers for a concert, pitching session or workshop as the majority of our events is for free and open to everyone since we are an open-minded community that is all for sharing and collaborating. On our website, you can save your favorite upcoming events easily in your calendar to remember for later. The easiest way to do so is to use our integrated calendar extension for iOS and Android apps.