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Coworking & Office Spaces: Cara Urosa 18, 11158 Belgrade

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About the coworking space

This coworking space is located in a beautiful building in the center of Belgrade. Get access to our unique location hosting freelancers, founders, startups, and corporates as it offers you special perks like an in-house restaurant and a bar. Our kids corner makes it easy for working parents to relax and unwind.

The impressive entrance hall equipped with a glass ceiling provides you with lots of natural daylight. For your meetings, we offer you conference rooms that feature state of the art equipment. In addition, you will have access to a cinema for outstanding presentations and events. Our fully customizable event venue offers space for up to 150 guests.

The office space is perfectly located in the city center. Within walking distance, you will find the new central station colloquially known as “Prokop". The airport can be reached by car in approximately 15 minutes.


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