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About the space

Located in the heart of Berlin we have created a beautifully designed coworking and office space on more than 7.200 square metres and on 6 floors. Just a short walk from Gendarmenmarkt, our coworking space is a community of freelancers, startups and bigger businesses who will inspire you in your own business endeavours.

Our (pet-friendly) coworking space offers rolling monthly memberships that give you access to high speed internet, meeting rooms, free beverages such as water, coffee and beer. A huge playground for creative breaks with pool table, ping pong, mini golf and Playstation give you the ideal platform to meet and connect with fellow coworkers.

Next to numerous meeting and conference rooms in different sizes, our in-house cinema with 40 original cinema chairs and red velvet sofas make this space perfectly complete.

This is a space where things happen. You will meet and work with up and coming creatives, tech heads and business developers and have opportunities to connect with investors and external business partners.

The Ubahn is a 2 minute walk away, at the Hausvoigteiplatz.


Access all rent24 locations Coffee & appliances Fast moving-in process Flexible contracts High-speed Wifi
New business events Proximity to investors Rapid team expansions Vibrant member eco-system


All prices excl. 19% VAT

Open Space

250€ / month
325€ / month
375€ / month


3 People
from 580€ / month*
4 People
from 570€ / month*
6 People
from 560€ / month*
7 People
from 530€ / month*
8 People
from 525€ / month*
10+ People
from 500€ / month*
* Price per desk
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