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CITY.AI – The worldwide network visits Germany | rent24 Bremen

14. September 2018

The largest artificial intelligence community in the world is called CITY.AI and has an offshoot with BREMEN.AI in the hanseatic city. BREMEN.AI offers students, researchers, startups, companies, agencies and media interested parties a platform to exchange about applied artificial intelligence. At the second event at rent24 Coworking Space in Bremen, all participants brought their expert knowledge, complex questions and practical examples around the topic of robotics and cybersecurity.

New members – Welcome Team Academy | rent24 Amsterdam

13. September 2018

The new member of Amsterdam Bridge Building is the entrepreneurial school named Team Academy. The new semester of the four-year bachelor started at the beginning of September and while all students were at their ‘Welcome Week’, we’ve been getting used to the idea of a bunch of students working on their own businesses at the Bridge Building. With all this new talent, our community will surely be blossoming!

Xing Business Breakfast

7summits4help – Xing business breakfast | rent24 Bremen

17. August 2018

At the Xing Business Breakfast on July 27 at the Zootastic in Bremen, Speaker Nicolas Scheidtweiler took us to the highest peaks on earth. For a good cause, we were happy to be able to follow him there.

Sofar Sounds Gig rent24

Sofar Sounds – Secret live show at the rent24 cinema | rent24 Berlin

30. July 2018

Capturing the magic of a special moment is what the live shows of startup Sofar Sounds from Shoreditch in the UK are all about. On the 8th of June we invited her to our cinema in rent24 Coworking Space Berlin-Mitte. Where else great moments of film history flicker across the screen, more than 50 guests experienced passionate musicians up close.

Success Stroy BeWooden

Success Stories – BeWooden | rent24 Amsterdam

23. July 2018

BeWooden creates sustainable fashion by favoring local suppliers and reviving traditional craftsmanship. The result are accessories with a twist! Henrik Roth, cofounder of BeWooden, gives us an insight into the fashion industry and tells us what he has learned from the combination of studying and founding a company.

Success Stories – Mentavio | rent24 Berlin

23. July 2018

The founders of mentavio provide fast and qualified help with their online platform for psychological counseling. Just in time for the start of their crowdfunding campaign, Daniel Bosch, co-founder of mentavio, met with us for an interview.

Frühstü - rent24 Dortmund

Food blogging 4.0 – Breakfast is ready | rent24 Dortmund

30. May 2018

On May 25 we had a very special guest on the occasion of our “FRI-YAY Community & Friends Breakfast” at the Coworking Space in Dortmund: Frederik Schafmeister introduced himself as the newest member of the rent24 Community. The food enthusiast not only shared his experience as a food blogger but also his passion for the most important meal of the day – breakfast!

Success Story: MrFix

Success Story – MrFix | rent24 Amsterdam

2. May 2018

MrFix is the first company to rent office space at rent24 in Amsterdam in 2017. Since then, the “Fixers” have enriched the 5th floor in the bridge building. It is time to introduce them to you.

Success Stories – Fleetbird | rent24 Dortmund

31. January 2018

Fleetbird is one of the first companies which in 2017 went for an office space in our rent24 coworking space in Dortmund. Ever since then our birdies enrich the sixth floor in Hansastraße 95. Thus, we thought it would be time to introduce them to you.

Juicy Brunch

Fresh squeezed juice day

17. January 2018

ren24 celebrates the „fresh squeezed juice day“ and invites for an exclusive vitamin booster. On the 15th of January 2018 on the occasion of the international partied but […]

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