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March 12, 2019

How do you travel these days? The Berlin Travel Festival for the new globetrotters | rent24 Berlin

After the launch in 2018, the Berlin Travel Festival ventured into new territories this year presenting startups in the exhibition area “The Nest”. Our team was on site and picked their favorites from the event calendar packed with more than 100 lectures, performances, and workshops. We can tell you it was worth it. Those who wanted to look beyond travel trends got the chance to learn about social topics such as ‘the purpose of traveling’, ‘sustainable tourism’ and ‘poverty during travel’.

Refuel inspiration and reinvent travel

So what do you dream of when it comes to traveling? Is it the campsite holiday in Italy with an old Volkswagen and a skilfully laced mountain of luggage on the roof? Comatose package holiday with full board in a resort? Or a weekend in the fashion Mecca of Milan for an excessive shopping marathon? Does not sound all that bad, but what previous generations gushed about is something different than we imagine today, right? Individuality and sustainability are the keys to our dream vacation.

However, it is no longer done with a backpacking trip and the accommodation in the eco-friendly hostel. And that is exactly what makes the Berlin Travel Festival so interesting:  You get an idea of the great variety of innovative travel formats and valuable insights into traveling sustainable. New business models were presented in the exhibition area “The Nest”. In addition, social organizations explained what it is like to be a responsible entrepreneur.

In fact, the Berlin Travel Festival has something for everyone. Whether you have a terrible fear of flying, you are planning a dangerous expedition to uncharted territory or building your own travel company. At least with us, the good feeling of tackling the sophisticated travel bucket list quickly set in. In-between exciting lectures and product presentations we recharged a lot of inspiration as we mingled among travel bloggers and adventurers. What a benefit you have a smartphone with you to book the next trip right away!

Be independent with the global rent24 membership

Maybe the one or the other was spotting us at the Berlin Travel Festival since we at rent24 are at least as travel-loving as you are. Under the motto ‘Join us globally’ we were there to encourage you to combine your passion for traveling with entrepreneurship.

With a rent24 Membership, it’s easy to open your laptop in a coworking space of your choice anywhere in the world and get started with super-fast wifi. We are located in the hot spots of Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and New York as well as in the emerging cities of Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Zagreb.

With our pilot project in Berlin, we can even offer you one of the newest accommodation types, the so-called Coliving. This is not as exciting as couchsurfing in Iran, but thanks to our furnished apartments in Berlin-Schöneberg, you can comfortably conquer the German capital on a small budget, cook with our global community in the evenings and then attend a yoga class with your roommate. Or conversely, because one of the most beautiful things about traveling is that you decide how you spend your day.

Author: Aline Dörfert, Senior Content Manager rent24


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