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March 4, 2019

Behind the scenes – Photo shooting at our brand new headquarters | rent24 Berlin

This Friday, March 8th is #InternationalWomen’sDay – an exceptional celebration to honor the unique qualities of women around the world. Since we have just been launching our video for this special occasion, we thought we’d give you a look into what happened at our female dominated campaign. And who doesn’t love a peek behind the scenes? We know you do! Read on to discover more about our inspiration and what went on during the shoot. 

Why it’s great to be a woman

Conceptualizing and then finally executing a photo shoot takes a lot of mental and physical work. As popular photographer, Ansel Adams says: ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it.’ Our initial inspiration mainly came from the inclusive culture we have created at our company especially since we moved to the new rent24 headquarters in October 2018.

We decided to put the natural beauty and strong voices of our ambassadors on camera to show the diversity of female power that lightens up our working days. That being said, we used only natural light for the shoot. This is hard during winter, but we achieved the look we were going for.

The purple backdrop echoes the wider movement of groups worldwide calling for a gender-balanced-world. We chose white polaroid frames in order to put a modern spotlight on the individual woman contributing to the world of rent24 and the female empowerment.

As our positive theme for this shoot was ‘It’s great to be a woman’ we got to know first-hand what spontaneously comes to mind when you ask your coworkers what they think. From humorous answers to the spiritual point of view, the statements reflect the beautiful diversity of the rent24 team consisting of people from all over the world.

We also realized what kind of statements we wouldn’t choose anymore since the concept of womanhood has significantly changed during the last couple of years. What defines you as a woman and what sets you apart from others? It’s definitely hard to answer these days.

Our Head of Marketing, Shir, and Senior Marketing Manager, Suren, being in charge of the whole set up at our in-house studio filled the room with an overall upbeat vibe throughout the week.

Albina, rent24 Project Manager Coliving, and a previous actress, showed off her James Bond moves in-between shootings, which made us all laugh. As you can see in the photo on the left side, she is already in the spring mood and totally in style at the office wearing a white suit and a bold colored t-shirt.

In general, we kept our model’s mood very natural, almost as if caught unaware in a conversation as we prefer impressions that come across with a lovely attitude – relaxed and real.

Probably you can imagine that we also had a playful time with our office dog Gia, also known as Senior Happiness Manager. However, taking the perfect photo of her was all dependent on the patience of her owner Mary, our Senior SEO Manager, and an infinite amount of tangerines and blueberries. We do not want to sound biased, but this dog lady is keeping an eye on food all the time.

Overall, it was such fun shooting with the team and creating memories. We are all very lucky to have colleagues that engage so well with one another, never failing to make each other laugh. A big thank you also goes to our Graphic Designer Guillermo, who kindly used the plus-2-hours-of-sleep-filter on a few of us.

It was a day filled with acknowledgments for and by the women of our company. We will continue to spread the message through hosting events for women throughout the year from inspiring conversations, to educational workshops to meaningful networking as we want to keep the mission of inclusivity and female empowerment going strong every day.

With a mission to advance gender equality in the workplace by supporting women at any level, we hope that our representation of women sparks conversations and meaningful inspiration. Join our team of powerful women spread across all departments and collaborate to push the boundaries of the way we live today. Learn more about rent24 via our career’s page and get an overview of our positions open for female game changers. Our recruiting team is looking forward to meeting you!

Author: Aline Dörfert, Senior Content Manager rent24


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