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December 6, 2018

The student-based initiative ChefTreff kicks off the new semester | rent24 Hamburg

ChefTreff is an initiative which aims to advance the spirit of entrepreneurship within the fields of business and technology. They organize the largest student-led event in Hamburg which will once again take place in January 2019. Rather than only focusing on corporate presentations or discussing the importance of KPIs, ChefTreff focuses on the personal stories of business leaders, their experiences and the formative experiences which lead to their success. 

rent24 welcomes the next generation of entrepreneurs

The first ChefTreff Welcome to Hamburg boat tour around the city’s harbor took place on October 23. The group on board included over 50 students and five HR managers. The tour provided the students with an opportunity to network, hear some inspiring speeches and get introduced to the beautiful port city.

The aspiring entrepreneurs then visited the rent24 space at Bleichenbrücke 10/1 to unwind over beer and popcorn, play some pool and learn more about rent24 and the future of entrepreneurship. They were excited at the idea of bringing their ideas to life in such an entrepreneurial community. As the ChefTreff founders stated: 

“rent24 is the address for founders in Hamburg”

The entire group appreciated the efforts of our site manager Tim and our community manager Katy  in organizing such a lovely evening to provide a fitting conclusion to their welcome tour!

Author: Aline Dörfert, Senior Content Manager rent24


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