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August 17, 2018

Miu Nest Meetup Flow – Blockchain event on data protection | rent24 Berlin

On a mission to increase security in IoT

On July 31 the founders and developers of μNEST visited us at our coworking space in Berlin-Mitte. With their third meeting in Berlin, they ended their meetup series overseas. The event was ideal for those who are interested in innovative blockchain projects and are looking forward to the applications that will enrich our daily lives in the future.

μNEST is developing an open-source blockchain technology that aims to lower entry barriers for IoT and integrated blockchain technologies as well as developers to provide faster POCs. With more than 20 years of industry experience, μNEST has a mission to increase security for all the data generated worldwide.

Neo Ma, CEO and CTO of μNEST

They commit themselves to achieving the purity, integrity and privacy of the data throughout their lifecycle. In addition, the company is committed to making M2M interactions safer and more user-friendly. In a relaxed atmosphere, they not only gave us insight into their current understanding of blockchain technology, but also outlined the current challenges in the field of applied cryptography.

Esther Zhang, COO bei μNEST

Neo Ma, CEO and CTO of μNEST, first spoke about the company’s overall vision and core technology. He also introduced the unique feature of μNEST, the ‘smart contract container’.

His presentation was followed by Esther Zhang, COO at μNEST, who talked about her ambitions for the μNEST community. She sees great potential with her experienced team in expanding the open source community and has high hopes for the enthusiasm of the supporters who want to further optimize the blockchain applications for the benefit of the users.

Our event has attracted many experts, including Claudio Weck. MHP’s Data Science Manager and Blockchain and AI architect for the automotive and industrial sectors of Porsche Digital Lab was interested in the meeting because of its extensive experience in IoT and Blockchain. So he described on site his assessments of IoT and Blockchain from a corporate perspective.

uNest Blockchain Event rent24
Claudio Weck, Data Science Manager bei MHP

Many experienced innovation drivers in the industry are already interested in μNEST. In the initial phase of the project, they received significant investment from well-known investment houses and individuals. Following their Meetups at Blockchain hotspots around the world, they now look forward to working with industry leaders to drive forward data protection developments.

Author: Aline Dörfert, Senior Content Manager rent24

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