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ChefTreff visits rent24 in Hamburg

6. December 2018

ChefTreff is a student-run initiative that aims to promote student entrepreneurship in business and technology. The first ChefTreff Welcome to Hamburg boat trip on the Elbe River took place on 23 October. In the rent24 coworking space, the welcome tour found its perfect ending.

The 5th Floor is inaugurated in style

20. November 2018

We are very happy to have brought our latest event space concept, The 5th Floor by rent24, to life in our magnificent Potsdamer Straße 182 location in Berlin.

The LongHash Crypto Festival at rent24 Blockchain Hub in Berlin

12. November 2018

rent24 hosted the LongHash hackathon on the 27th and 28th of October, 2018 at our Blockchain Hub in Oberwallstraße. This event was part of the LongHash Crypto Festival which took place from the 26th to the 29th of October, 2018 and brought together some of the best minds currently working in the Berlin blockchain community as well as dozens of professionals and developers working in this field from around the world.

Grand Opening of The Cube in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a milestone

9. November 2018

rent24 held the grand opening of our newest Coworking Space in the trendy neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin. Called The CUBE, the location was developed in partnership with the insurance agency Allianz F200.

Berlin Blockchain Week: The network at rent24

5. November 2018

The Berlin Blockchain Community organized the Berlin Blockchain Week (BBW) for the first time this year. At rent24 they found the ideal city hub for the event “All […]

artificial intelligence - AI -KI - rent24 Bremen

CITY.AI in Bremen – the worldwide network at rent24

14. September 2018

At the second Bremen.AI event at the rent24 Coworking Space in Bremen, all participants brought their expert knowledge, complex questions and practical examples around the topic of robotics and cybersecurity.

Patisserie for connoisseurs: Elegant Opening by white&rose in Berlin

14. September 2018

Since Thursday, September 6, 2018, there is a new destination for connoisseurs of fine bakery and cake art at Potsdamer Straße 182 in Berlin-Schöneberg: It is the white&rose patisserie, a specialist in artful creations made from the highest quality ingredients.

Welcome Team Academy

13. September 2018

The new member of Amsterdam Bridge Building is the entrepreneurial school named Team Academy. The new semster of their four-year bachelor started at the beginning of September and while all students were at their ‘Welcome Week’, we’ve been getting used to the idea of a bunch of students walking around and working on their own businesses at our space. With all this new talent, our community will surely be blossoming. We can hardly wait!

Rent a business address – find your hotspot

5. September 2018

What is the difference between company headquarters and business address? What is the use of a “virtual office”? We explain to you what is really important and what is the right solution for you and your company.

uNest Blockchain Event rent24

Miu Nest Meetup Flow – Blockchain Event

17. August 2018

On the 31st of July the founders and developers of μNEST visited us at the Coworking Space in Berlin-Mitte. With their third meeting in Berlin, they ended their Meetup series overseas. The event was ideal for anyone interested in innovative blockchain projects looking forward to future applications.

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