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About the space

Right next to our first ever rent24 coworking space we opened our new location on around 1.800 square meters. Located on 4 floors, in the center of Berlin Schöneberg, it offers stylish coworking spaces, private offices, event spaces, meeting rooms and lounge areas to meet and connect with like-minded people. The local area around that space is full with delicious restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. For creative breaks, our exciting activity areas with table tennis, table soccer and PlayStation are perfect to unwind and get to know fellow coworkers. Various weekly networking events give you the chance to get together with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas. Join our new rent24 coworking space and become a part of our family.


Access all rent24 locations Coffee & appliances Fast moving-in process Flexible contracts High-speed Wifi
New business events Proximity to investors Rapid team expansions Vibrant member eco-system


All prices excl. 19% VAT

Open Space

100€ / month
199€ / month
299€ / month


3 People
from 520€ / month*
4 People
from 460€ / month*
5 People
from 450€ / month*
6 People
from 400€ / month*
10+ People
from 350€ / month*
* Price per desk
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