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November 12, 2018 · 18:00 · Bremen

Entrepreneurial personality & self-coaching

From November 12th to 18th, 2018, self-employment events will be offered throughout Germany as part of the Start-up Week. Therefore rent24 offers you the opportunity to participate at this event for Entrepreneurial personality & self-coaching.

You want to found or are you already in the middle of your business?

Dagmar Nitschke is a business trainer and coach. In her speech, she sheds light on the entrepreneurial personality and self-coaching, because many factors are decisive for starting a business.

  • What role does the personality of the entrepreneur play?
  • What qualities and skills do I have to bring with me to succeed?
  • How can I develop in this direction?

In addition, you can find numerous information and founder tests on the net. But are the statements consistent for everyone or are they ultimately clichés? We will shed more light on this in a lecture followed by a discussion.

Afterward, we invite you to a get together with finger food, beer and exciting talks at the Community Lounge.

Meeting point

For this event, we will meet at 6 pm in the Zootastic in rent24 Coworking Space Bremen.


If you are interested in this event, please send an e-mail with your key data to [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you!



November 12, 2018 · Monday


18:00 - 21:00




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28195 Bremen

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