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May 10, 2019

Why I became a CEO | rent24 Global

The fundamental difference between the CEO and all other positions in an organization? Many people contribute to the composition of a company, but only the CEO ultimately gets to paint the overall picture. This position is not as unreachable as it seems since many CEOs become leaders by accident. Why is that so? CEOs are not born, they are made by themselves and by the supportive people who surround them. Follow me on this journey to see through the fog that surrounds the myth of the CEO. 

Here’s what I learned along the way

It was during my college years in the US when I founded my first company and became a CEO for the very first time. In my youth, I did not know the CEO was what I would become one day. In fact, most people don’t think of themselves as being the painter of a great vision when they grow up. Today, being a CEO is the role I thrive in. Therefore, I hope my story will inspire those who never thought about taking a leadership position but have the aptitude to be great executives.

From my experience, the most powerful driver is a specific mindset and the fact that there are moments in life when weaknesses become strengths. I was confronted with character-building challenges that would prepare me for big responsibility at a young age.

Start identifying your individual personality traits that are likely to help you grow into the role of the CEO. Nurture independent thinking, confidence, and courage. In case you struggle with building strength try to find someone who has a strong belief in you.

How to grow into leadership roles

Over time weaknesses will turn into strengths, but only if we believe in ourselves and are determined to head in a new direction. Naturally, it will take you several years to diminish your weaknesses, but it is worth trying as you will have to define a leadership style.

The good news is that in a newly found company you can pick your team, and as a team member you can pick your leader. I have learned that this degree of freedom produces the best environment for leadership. The basic principles of my leadership style were set during my first years of being an entrepreneur:

  • Assume the best of your employees and value their honesty.
  • Work with them at eye level.
  • Create transparency by keeping information flowing.
  • Set long-term goals, make sure all team members know how to get there and celebrate every milestone.

Changes that come with a leading role

Becoming a leader sometimes happens without even realizing it, because it is a simple act that often isn’t connected to a promotion. Basically, it means to take up a little bit more responsibility than you had before. The bigger the responsibility the bigger leader you will have to be. To deliver on your higher level of responsibility you will have to delegate your tasks.

In short, you will have to focus on making someone else succeed in their current position. Spend your energy enhancing the strengths of those who report to you. Help others to identify their weaknesses and encourage them to take on responsibility. This is the meaning of leading people. At the same time, you will have to stop complaining since leaders are in control and are supposed to make use of their power to improve conditions.

Author: Robert Bukvić, CEO rent24


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