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June 13, 2019

Recruiting with feel-good vibes | rent24 Dortmund

The idea of ​​the living room concert is not completely new. There have long been startups who specialize in the pure enjoyment of music in an intimate atmosphere. But use the whole concept for professional networking? We thought, why not because after all, the passion for music is a good starting point for talking about dreams and desires in other areas of life – such as working life. At the first lounge concert at the rent24 coworking space in Dortmund, there were a lot of positive tones between the local student scene and the resident entrepreneurs.

Living room concert with up-and-coming talents – on and in front of the stage

Owls & Foxes are backstage drinking a toast to a successful evening ©Leopold Achilles

Just in time for the end of the working day, students, coworkers and friends gathered in the rent24 lounge to experience the performance of the four-member band “Owls & Foxes”. Being converted into a concert hall the lounge provided the perfect environment for a great musical evening.  The young band seemed to feel as comfortable as their audience and so the appearance was an energetic firework from start to finish.

Prominent guest appearance with e-guitar

Before the performance: Owls & Foxes together in the backstage area ©Leopold Achilles

The powerful sound infected everyone, so Benjamin Krüger, CEO of Fleetbird UG, seized the opportunity to lend a hand and support the band with his electric guitar. But to be honest the takeover wasn’t 100% spontaneous. The successful managing director had previously taken time to rehearse with the Dortmund boys and also helped build the stage. His effort had apparently paid off because only after two hours, the concert found a sonorous ending.

Networking with passion

Lead singer Bene concentrates on the mic ©Leopold Achilles

The event impressively demonstrated that it is not just technical lectures and workshops that lead to connections between future career starters and companies. Networks arise and grow when people communicate with each other on the basis of common interest. For this matter, music is obviously better suited than any other medium.


The best example is Benjamin Krüger, CEO of Fleetbird UG, who will be remembered as a charismatic entrepreneur by everyone after the event. In fact, many of the students present were thrilled with the idea of ​​working in an environment such as rent24’s Dortmund coworking space.

Recruiting in the coworking space

Now, the career planning of the Dortmund academics can take shape – instead of leading directly to another federal state. In any case, rent24 event and community managers will continue to help companies set highlights, attract attention, and give an impression of the future-oriented working conditions provided by coworking. The Dortmunder coworking space, with its convenient location and modern interior design, is ideally suited to meet and inspire junior staff.

Owls & Foxes with the rent24 community ©Leopold Achilles

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